Thursday, May 15, 2008

Future of the newspapers

Many people seems to be wondering how the future of newspapers will look like. I cannot claim I can foresee it, but some trends seem obvious.
There will be some consolidation. Not necessarily reduction in the number of brands, but possibly in the contents. It seems easy to imagine that New York Times will move to a seller of coverage of general (world-wide, nation-wide) news. Local newspaper will buy these stories and add their local bit - something they know way better than NYT (think San Diego Tribune).
There are probably more things to be said, but maybe later...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

National Parks

There are plenty of things that simply suck in the US, but National Parks make it up. For a comprehensive set of pictures from our trip, check Katarina's Picasa page. For a special selection, check mine.
The sky was like I have never seen. Grand Canyon is simply unbelievable, and so are Sequoia trees. And Yosemite valley is just beautiful.

Different style

I have overdrawn my account (not completely my fault), for which a significant fine was imposed. One email was enough to get a refund.

Compared to Czech Republic, I'm happy for this, a little different style.

Law and Order

I have always preferred Law and Order to CSI because of more realistic stories and script. However, after watching season finale of SVU, I can't stop thinking how lame the script is. Imagine a no-lawyer self-defending himself who questions basics of standard techniques police uses or a cop, who goes to get his partner who was kidnapped and DOES NOT TELL anyone. More stupidities keep coming, as the story unravels. I guess 18 years is 18 years. But it seems more acceptable that Maggie did not age during that same time.