Thursday, October 18, 2007

Obesity and health

Even though there are not many really fat people at UCSD (most of fat people around here are non-faculty staff), most people seem to be slightly above the ideal BMI. This is hardly surprising - we all know that obesity is on the rise. Well, it is no wonder, if you can have a lunch (i.e. full meal) composed of junk food for $1 or $2, but regular good meal will cost you $4 at least. In fact, cookies for $0.50 are sufficient for lunch (of course, you cannot do eat them for lunch very often - at least I don't) in their energetic contents. And they are good.

US Patent System?

No surprises. Washington Post via Slashdot. Maybe some Econ 101 would not be a bad idea for the managers at USPTO.

Good question, no answer

Will Bicycling to Work Get You Killed? No answers yet.

Stephen Colbert in South Carolina

Do you think that there are 3000 people in South Carolina, who do not own a gun or a bible? If so, maybe Stephen Colbert has a chance.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bird show

We spent lovely Sunday at the local "Exotic" Bird show. I made couple of pictures. The event was quite overcrowded, so when I was trying to take a picture, somebody was often in my way. I saw some lady - owner of one of the stands - to say something about me and taking picture to her husband. Naturally, I though she does not like me taking picture of her birds (I always expect the worst). In fact, she was telling her husband to move away from my view so that I can make better pictures :-)
Quite a difference in cultures. (I remember when I was putting a film into my old camera on a street in Brno, and a very angry lady came out claiming that I'm making picture of her house to rob it later. She had to be mentally ill, because I was not even taking pictures and anyway could not explain to her that I have all rights to take pictures from public land.)

Fun about Nobel Prize

This is how Comedy Central depicts Oslo, Norway:

For readers who did not get it even after reading left-upper corner, this is not in Oslo or even in Norway. Look closer to the center of Europe